AARP Life Insurance Online Payment and Other Features

AARP Life Insurance online payment is one of the best ways to keep up to date with your premiums, but they offer a number of different features for their customers too.

How AARP Life Insurance Online Payment Works

AARP Life Insurance is renowned throughout the industry as having some of the best customer service around – something that ensures that customers keep flocking to them for their life insurance. The biggest feature that they offer is the AARP Life Insurance online payment, which means that you can manage all of your payments online and never have to contact them directly to make a payment.


This feature is hugely useful for a number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason though is that it saves that long wait that we are all familiar with, as you wait for ages for a customer service advisor to become available to process your quick transaction. Doing this online means you can jump straight in and have the payment made within seconds, all without having to leave the comfort of the chair in front of your computer!

Another reason why this system is so helpful is that it allows people to pay their premiums when they want. This means that if you know you aren’t going to have a huge amount of money later in the month, you can use the AARP Life Insurance online payment option to make an early payment, therefore meaning that you don’t need to worry later on. It must be noted though that this system should not be used to delay payments – if you are having a problem making a payment then you should call one of their customer service agents, who can sort something out on your behalf.

Other Features Included

The AARP Life Insurance online payment portal is found within the section of the site called “Manage my Payments”, but it is not the only thing to be found there. This is because this section also has a number of other handy tools to use, with the best of these being the opportunity to download any forms that you might need. We all remember the days when getting forms from a life insurance company took ages – you would ring them, request them and then wait for a few days while they were posted out. Now they are simply downloaded and printed off, therefore saving absolutely huge amounts of time and alleviating a lot of the pressure associated with life insurance.

It is also possible to view your certificate online now too, which might not sound a lot but can be incredibly useful at times. Imagine the scenario – you suddenly think that you have made a mistake with your life insurance and need to know for sure whether it is correct. Previously you would have needed to ring the company to confirm, but now you can log on and immediately reassure yourself that everything is in fact okay. It’s the small things like this that really make AARP stand out from the crowd.